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Marketing that's Picked for your Product, Customers and Market.

Helping B2B/B2C Tech Companies with Product Marketing,
going from $1 M to $100 M in revenue 🎯
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Product Launch 🪜

Every new product, feature or beta model requires a strong launch strategy.

Customer Acquisition 🐧

Identify core customers, craft customers lifecycle & acquisition process and know the JTBD.

Positioning & Messaging✏️

Where do you fit in market & how to communicate with the target customers.

GTM Strategy 🧐

Develop and define a Go-To-Market Strategy based on launches & goals.

Pricing Strategy 💸

Based on your GTM create pricing model: freemium, free trial or demo.

Product Marketing 🚀

Develop a complete product marketing strategy for companies going from $1M to $100M+ in revenue.

"Ritika was the best investment we did on early stage. From sharing the vision from the founder's consideration to talking to customers to ultimately helping us build the marketing foundation - her expertise helped us launch the product in smooth flow."
- Kelsey Hill, CEO & Founder, TimeTasks

Product Marketing
Advising - One-time

Product marketing free consulting services

- You're looking for strategical help in one particular area.
- We'll do the audit and get through the area of improvement.
- We'll work on one core problem that your company is facing.
- This 1:1 will be between 60-90 mins long & will be charged $150.

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Fractional Product
Marketer - Long-term

Product marketing long term consultant

- You have a goal to achieve or have a specific long term project in mind or have a core problem to solve.
- You are a B2B or B2C SaaS company.
- We'll start by 360 degree analysis and move to tactical & strategical part.
- Start with minimum 5 hrs/week for 3 months.

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Experienced in working & Advising various Industry from early-stage startups to unicorns 🦄

Finance, FinTech, SaaS


Community, Productivity, SaaS

Squad, TimeTasks, Marked, Lightroom, Disclose

Marketing, Services, SaaS

WorkMap, MintBox, Beyond Execute



Security products, SaaS



Todlr, SkEdu, LineupX, ZoCal

"Marketing can be hard but after hiring Ritika, it was exactly the kind of service and advising I was looking for. I loved the deep dive into building a presence, finding the right channel and creating the product marketing strategy."
- Torry C., CEO & Founder, Disclose

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